X-ray Sensor & Intra Oral Camera Repair

We believe in saving you money by prolonging the life of the equipment you already own.

Knowing Where We've Come From Guides Us Into The Future

SensorRepair.com is an extension of Sodium Dental, your full-service dental technology partner.

Sodium Dental and SensorRepair.com has been 100% focused in the dental technology industry since 2006. Our goal is, and always has been, to provide dental practitioners around the country an economical alternative to the high priced strong hold that the big supply houses have on the dental industry.

Sodium Dental was the first company in the world to repair digital x-ray sensors for dental practices in the United States. We quickly expanded to offering our services world wide in 2013. Our sensor repair technicians focus solely on the repair and refurbishment of dental x-ray sensors and intra-oral cameras.

Our sensor repair team is supported by a large staff with a team of technical support representatives, logistics specialist, product educators, and quality control team. The whole team ensures that your broken x-ray sensor is repaired, quality checked, and returned to you quickly.

Repair Rate & Customer Satisfaction

We receive broken x-ray sensors that have been sucked into vacuum cleaners, dropped from counter tops, rolled over by chairs, and worse, previous poor attempts at repair by other companies.  While we'd love to see a 100% on our repair rate, it simply isn't possible. Sometimes the damage is too extreme to save. While we can't promise your x-ray sensor will be repairable, we do guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied.  All of our estimates are free and no risk to you.

Successful Repair Rate
Customer Satisfaction

"Every communication and correspondence has been amazing. Their attention to detail, customer service and follow up is what every company should strive for."